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BridgeStation: Advanced Bridge Management System

BridgeStation is an advanced asset management system designed specifically to manage bridges and other major highway structures. BridgeStation was developed in conjunction with the London Bridges Engineering Group (LoBEG) and is managed by FSW IT Solutions Limited. The system utilises a rich, intuitive user interface to provide easy navigation of data, even for users with limited computer literacy.

For more information please visit the BridgeStation website:


Designed in conjunction with London Utility Service Subway Network to facilitate the booking of pipe subway inspections and work as well as document the state of the subways themselves.

For more information please visit the PipeStation website:


A drainage asset management solution used to track flood defence assets, flood incidents and plan related maintenance.

For more information please visit the FloodStation website:

Traffic Signs Regulations (TSR)

In partnership with: Department for Transport

Traffic Signs Regulations™ (TSR) is a brand new search utility for road signs and markings. TSR includes all Primary Statutory Instruments No. 3113 Traffic Signals Regulations and General Directions (TSRGD) 2002.