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Some of our other software skills include:

  • Microsoft Visual Basic & C# (.net)
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • HTML / Java / php / asp
  • Access
  • Oracle
  • Flash
  • Map Basic
  • CAD
  • Map Info

At FSW we understand the changing nature of our clients IT and regulatory environments because we provide IT to our own highways team.

This gives us unique insite into how to provide better solutions to our customers.

Asset Management

FSW can supply comprehensive asset management solutions.

This service helps our clients manage:

  • Asset degradation
  • Network investment
  • Parking enforcement
  • Traffic Management Orders
  • Street lighting inventories-Night scouting
  • Performance indicators
  • Maintenance schedules
  • Cost projections

Providing high quality IT solutions usually only solves part of our clients’ requirements.

Training is a vital part of supplying a high quality product.

Clients need to be confident that their staff cannot just manage but thrive using the solutions we supply to them.